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Inside each Virectin capsule is an optimal dosage of powerful herbs and extracts that have been combined in their perfect amounts to create our proprietary blend. Our advanced formula is designed to help you achieve rock-hard erections and improve your stamina during every sexual encounter.* Several of the active compounds in Virectin can also help maintain optimal levels of natural testosterone inside the body for enhanced results.* Men of all ages have credited Virectin with literally transforming their sex lives, suggesting it is unlike any other product of its kind currently on the market.

Virectin Can:

Best of all, with Virectin there is no need to follow a strict schedule or worry about taking it a certain amount of time before you plan to have sex. Three capsules each day is all that is needed to achieve and maintain results. Virectin contains only premium quality compounds, which allows the active ingredients in Virectin to reach and act upon target areas of the body.* Virectin is not like those single-use male sex enhancement products that deliver temporary—and often disappointing—results. With Virectin, you never need to worry about whether you’ll be able to rise to the occasion to enjoy a special moment!

The information below will tell you more about the key ingredients in Virectin. After reviewing it you’ll have a better understanding of what all the buzz is about!

There are 90 Virectin capsules in each bottle.

Recommended Use: Take 3 capsules with water each day. Do not take more than the recommended amount. Virectin is a natural dietary supplement that is safe for most men and free from stimulants.*

Ingredients in Virectin

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